HP Samll Laminator LW0401-J1

* Suitable for up to A4 size
* Intelligent light sensing
* NTC precision temperature control
* Four adjustable settings
* Automatic standby
* ABS Anti-Jam Button: release the stuck pouches or papers
* 320mm/min fast glue over

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Use the HP Home Compact Melter to provide you with an efficient and comfortable experience. The simple and easy-to-operate panel and intelligent light-sensing interaction allow you to instantly perceive every operation step.


NTC precise temperature control

Precise temperature control, quick preheating in 3~5 minutes, you can choose 70-100mic different thickness of plastic film for plastic sealing, smooth and glue, no foaming.


Make sealing more efficient and safer.

330mm/min fast gluing, effectively saving waiting time. The double roll design of the gluer ensures smoother, faster and longer lasting lamination without air bubbles, wrinkles or curling. It works up to A4 size. The gluer can be used for laminating photos/documents up to A4 size, meeting various size requirements, easy to pick up and more durable. When a deviation or power outage occurs during sealing, simply press the ABS button and pull them out of the melter quickly and easily. Safe, energy-saving, effectively protect the machine and prolong the service life.


Product Model: LW0401-J1 Working voltage: 100VAC/50Hz
File thickness:0.5mm Working current: 2A
Preheating time: 3~5min Working power: 200W
Over glue function: hot over glue Product size: 360×105×70mm
Film thickness: 80~100mic Product net weight: 1.05kg