HP small shredder W1508CC-J1

* Intelligent light sensing
* 15L large see-through window paper bucket
* 8 pieces of paper can be shredded at one time
* Tough ammoniated steel knife, shred a variety of materials easily
* Shredding size: 5x18mm
* Meets the safety level P-4
* Low noise level of 58 db
* Overheating and overload protection
* Auto start/stop and auto-reverse function to avoid paper jam

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Use the HP Home Small Office Shredder for an efficient, comfortable office shredding experience. The simple and easy-to-operate panel and intelligent light-sensing interaction allow you to instantly perceive every operation step. Automatic shredding function, the paper can be shredded automatically, saving worry and effort. The internal structure adopts suspension shock absorption technology, and the sound of the paper shredding process is small and subtle, so that the office and paper shredding can enjoy quiet and comfort at all times.


Fine cutting, shredding efficient and worry-free
The crushing effect is 5x18mm, reaching the German secret standard level 4. Fine parts are shredded, and damaged file information is difficult to recover. A new generation of nitrided steel knives, the knives are processed by high-temperature ion nitriding technology, which is sharp, durable, and not easily deformed. It can easily shred paper, staples, credit cards and envelope bags without tape. It can shred 8 sheets of A4 paper (80g) at a time, and enjoy office shredding easily and efficiently.


Human-computer interaction, triple intelligent shutdown protection
When the machine works to the preset value, the machine will automatically start the shutdown protection function to protect the safety of the machine and the user, making it safer and more comfortable to use: when the machine is in an abnormal state of overheating or overload, the light on the panel will light up/flash in red to remind us , and automatic stop/return protection; when the machine head is separated from the paper tube, the cutter automatically stops rotating and the power is turned off intelligently to protect the safety of users.


Entrance width: 220mm Sheets Per Pass: 8sheets
Shred Size: 5 x 18mm Cut Size: Cross Cut
Working Cycle: 5min

Security level: p-4

(According to German DIN66399)

Shred speed: 1.8m/min Machine size: 320 x 190 x 416.5mm
Bin Capacity: 15L Noise Level: 58dB
Bin Type: Lift-up Net Weight: 4.3KG
Will Shred: papers, staples, credit cards, Without plastic envelope bag